Gratitude 06 – Neutral Density

Ok – that’s a weird title…One of my favorite tools in my camera bag is my neutral density filter. Its a screw on filter that goes on my lens that reduces the amount of light that enters in. Its primarily used for taking shots in very bright light (to prevent washing out of colors, details, etc) and also for creating effects such as seen in this picture. It is what creates the smooth effect when taking a shot of running water. I love using this filter. It wasn’t expensive and it isn’t fancy but I’m grateful to have one. But what I am even more grateful for is what I felt as I was taking this and several other shots today. I was thinking about how our lives are like when we don’t look through eyes of faith (or the filter of faith). When we look at just the momentary snapshot we do see things as they are, but we see the jagged edges and often don’t get a sense of movement or connection, just as trying to take a picture like this without the filter. Usually the picture will be the split second shot of water that loses the smoothness and instead just exposes the jaggedness. So it is with life. When we look through the filter of faith, we can see a sense of movement, of how things connect one to another, and we can experience the jaggedness becoming smooth. Its still the same scene, the same experience, but it is different because its not only our eyes that we are using, but trying to see through God’s. So, I am grateful for my ND filter, but even more so for the filter that God has brought into my life.

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