Gratitude 18 – Rhinos

Gratitude 18 – Rhinos

This morning there was a heated debate at breakfast over animal rights. My oldest was talking about the position he was assigned to take in a debate in class about testing things on animals and my youngest was none too happy about the position that he had to take (which was in favor of animal testing). Shortly thereafter, my youngest came downstairs and wanted me to put something out “All over the Internet” to poachers who go after rhinos. His message was the following:

Hey Poachers,
If you want rhino horns for medicinal use, just keep your fingernail clippings! Rhino horns are made of keratin which is the same stuff our fingernails are made of!

I love the fact that my son wants to get this word out and so I am doing what I can to get it “all over the Internet” – So, poachers…listen to my son and what he shares about these beautiful creatures!

I am grateful for my son’s heart for things beyond himself – a deep and passionate care for creation, especially the animals that are so beautiful, majestic, and powerful and that are sadly growing more and more endangered.


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