Gratitude 26 – Blinding

Gratitude 26 – Bright

I have written a lot recently about finding God in the everyday, in the simple, in the things that we need to be looking for lest we miss them. I also wrote yesterday about the curiosity of wondering what was beyond where I walked yesterday. Well, this morning, I kept going and went to the end of the path. But right after where I stopped yesterday, I came across a spot where the sunrise was just blinding. Not sure what it was about that exact spot, but it was so bright.

While there are a lot of times to see God in the everyday moments, there are also those times where where God breaks in to life in ways that we cannot help but see and experience. I am thankful for so many times in life where that has happened – retreats in college, worship services, moments with families, mission trips, and so many more. Yes, God is in the little moments, but we worship and serve a God who breaks into our lives in ways that make us stop and recognize that we have crossed over from the ordinary to the divine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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