Imago Scriptura 01

Ok – so I figured I’ve done the Gospels, the Psalms, and a few other books..why not do the whole Bible? Will be interesting when I hit Leviticus or places like that. Anyway, I am starting a process of reading through the Scriptures in a year beginning today. I’ve done this several other times but its been a while. I am also asking the congregation I serve to also be a part of this as congregations that dig into the Word are simply ones that experience growth (not just talking numerical growth, but more so discipleship growth). Throughout the year, I will post images periodically. Might be daily, might be weekly. We’ll see how things speak to me through this. But I am excited to dig into the whole of the Word once again.

So, today was reading Genesis 1-3 and Matthew 1. Lots obviously here about beginnings – beginning of Creation, beginning of the story of Jesus. But in the translation I am reading (TNIV), one single line stood out to me – Genesis 2:1…

Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array.

I loved the last part of that – in all their vast array. There is so much beauty in what God has put around us and such incredible diversity. I love the ways that there is more and more and more and more and more to see, take in, discover, learn. Just like this experience of the Word coming up. More to be heard, seen, experienced each day no matter how many times I have dug in.

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