Imago Scriptura 02 – Syria

In my daily readings today, there was a lot – the call of Abram, Abram’s blessing from God and his travel to Egypt. In the Matthew readings, we had the calling of the first disciples, but there was a single line that has stuck with me throughout the day from Matthew 4:24…”News about him spread all over Syria…”

This one really struck me as I have been continuing to pray for the civil war taking place in Syria and the persecution taking place of our sisters and brothers there. The Christian community has been in Syria for nearly two millennia and it is in real danger of being wiped out or entirely displaced within this current generation. Its hard to think of that as I sit here in a very comfortable office and in no fear of being persecuted for my faith. Yet, there are our sisters and brothers…here in this passage are words about Jesus travels in that very place, teachings he did, miracles he performed.

I just resent a letter that I wrote to President Obama and to my state’s congressional leaders about this situation. It is something I am able to do..wish there was more.

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