Imago Scriptura 03 – Looking for Signs

Reading the story of Abram and Sarai (later Abraham and Sarah) in Genesis 13-17 over the last few days, the promise of the birth of the child, the making of the covenant with Abraham, and so forth, I kept thinking about signs. What are some of the signs we look for in our lives, in the heavens, in conversations with others, of what God desires for us?

I saw this sight while coming home with my boys from piano lessons. I don’t know what this is called (not a “rainbow” per se) but I found it to be beautiful. In the midst of everything else around – a crane in the foreground, electrical lines on the side, and so forth – there was beauty there in the sky.

With Abraham and Sarah, there is some of that – there is their own impatience for the fulfillment of God’s promises (something we are familiar with), their trying to take control of the situation, and yet there is God in the midst of it all – still pointing the way and still showing the path.

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