Imago Scriptura 12 – Obscured

There’s been a theme already with some of my other posts about the challenges that are found in some of these early stores in the Old Testament, but also some of them in the New as well. The last few days of readings in Exodus present some of these challenges – stories of events and actions that don’t totally seem to make sense or are very hard to relate to. The parable in Matthew today also is one of the more challenging ones especially with the one who Jesus says was kicked out of the banquet because he wasn’t wearing the proper attire (even though they were people who were invited in because the original invited guests rejected the host). There are parts of Scripture that make total sense when we read them and there are parts that take a bit more work to understand or accept. They feel like the meaning and the light is obscured by layers of history, culture, and understanding. Yet, the truth of God speaks through it all – just as the light shines here through these thick leaves. We may not see it clearly, but the light still shines. I pray that God works within me as I dig through these passages and that the light is revealed.

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