Imago Scriptura 13 – Water

As a Broncos fan, I was understandably excited about the result of last night’s Super Bowl. My other post I’ll put up today will talk about that in a bit more detail. The other thing about the Super Bowl, however, is that it is known for its ads throughout the broadcast. As usual there were the ones with animals doing cute and funny things, there were lots of beer commercials and car commercials, there were a few that were a bit edgy for having kids in the room, and a bunch of others. But there’s only one that I have been reminded of several times today. It was Colgate’s ad that ran during the 4th quarter reminding people how much water could be saved by people turning off the tap while they brush their teeth. Its a simple act that can make a big difference – if you brush your teeth every morning and every night, you could save 8 gallons of water a day – that’s almost 3,000 gallons a year which is enough for nearly two peoples’ bare minimum water needs for a year.

In the Exodus story, we read of Moses getting water from a rock in chapter 17. There’s another story that comes later in Numbers as well telling something similar. The people were thirsty in the desert and the Lord provided.

I wish it were as simple as just striking a rock in places where clean water is hard if not impossible to find. But to at least help towards it, we can each do a simple thing and turn off the tap.

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