Imago Scriptura 16 – Footprints

In yesterday’s passage from Mark was the calling of the first of Jesus’ disciples – Simon, Andrew, James, and John. Typical of the way that Mark writes, Jesus called them and immediately they followed. But I wonder how much they really understood. Did Jesus lay out a list of expectations and a description of what was going to happen? And the way that Mark is written, these four didn’t have a body of work by Jesus to consider whether it was a wise choice to follow this guy. Yet, the way that it reads…Jesus called and they followed. Uncertainties and all. Their footprints following Jesus’ there on the beach.

There are so many certainties I want to have from Jesus but the reality is that my calling today isn’t a lot different. Yes, I have the witnesses of Scripture and of history to understand much more of the calling but in reality, responding to Jesus is still a responding into the unknown. But my footprints are to be there right along with Jesus’ following as he leads.

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