Imago Scriptura 17 – Details

So, I am into Numbers now, having gotten through Leviticus. A friend of mine once said that getting through Leviticus is kind of like a wilderness experience in and of itself…Anyway, throughout Leviticus and now into Numbers, its been about details, details, details. Details about the roles of the priests, about what to do about skin diseases, about the measurements and the trappings of the tabernacle, about a census of the people, and more and more like that. Its so tempting to just gloss over it all because really…mold, mildew, etc? Really? But there is something that I kept hearing over and over as I read it. I kept thinking about how God cares about the details. One needs only look deeply into the petals of a flower or the structure of the eye or the starts in the heavens to see the details. But we don’t see the details when we are too busy to slow down or we just want to gloss things over.

I took this picture last weekend while we were skiing in West Virginia and I just love the small flecks of ice and snow sticking off the trunk of this tree. But it took me taking time that morning to go, look, and find where beauty was hiding out.

Beauty is there – God is there – in the details…

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