Imago Scriptura 20 – Parenting

We have had this magnet on our fridge for more than a few years now. “Parenthood: The only job that’s REALLY full time.” So very true and we have lived that time and time again and will continue to do so. Parenthood is a blessing beyond words but it also can have its share of challenges that arise – whether the everyday things or the larger issues that come.

One of the things that I have learned about parenthood, though, is about what it means that God is our heavenly parent – our father in heaven, our mother who nurtures us along the path of our lives. Yesterday’s readings from Numbers really captured this for me especially the part about the quail from Numbers 11:4 and following. The people are grumbling that they are tired of the manna/bread and they demand meat of some kind. First, Moses comes to the Lord and complains bitterly about the complaining of the people, so God has the people complaining and Moses is complaining. (Moses’ frustration is understandable given everything that has come). Later you have Joshua complaining to Moses about two men prophesying in the camp instead out outside the camp…it just sounds like a mess. God does grant the quail from heaven, but with still some measure of anger and frustration mixed in.

It never stops in this story – the blessings and the miracles, the complaints and the frustrations. Yet, they are a family together – knit and tied together. Full-time.

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