Imago Scriptura 26 – New

I shared with some friends the other day that it feels like the “Spring Light Switch” just got turned on this week. All of a sudden, its like the grass has gotten green. Flowers are blooming, birds are returning. I even cleaned out the garage this morning of all the dust, leaves, and other stuff that has accumulated over the winter. It feels that sudden. I also wrote today about the deaths of Moses and Jesus in Deuteronomy and in Mark. Today we move into the book of Joshua and the last of the book of Mark (with Mark’s telling of the resurrection). Yesterday…death. Today…life and new beginnings. A new beginning for the Hebrews – no more wanderings in the desert unsure of when they will make it to the land promised to them. But now they have their own lands, their own home. A new beginning as they once again cross over the waters into a new part of their common life. In Mark, its a new beginning for Jesus. A new beginning for his followers. A new beginning for us. Life restored and hope renewed.

I love the way that God works that we can work to find light in the midst of the darkness. We can look for the hope that is in the midst of despair. We can see the new beginnings. I am thankful for the times like right now where it feels like something that happens instantaneously like a light switch being turned on. But I also know that there are times (probably more often) where its a lengthy period where there are just the tiniest glimmers of hope that seem to rise and fade, rise and fade until you come to a place where those glimmers have piled on one another. Is like CS Lewis once wrote, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.”

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  1. In the darkness, God reveals His greatest truths. Maybe because we are more receptive to the truth during the darkness when everything is not so rosy.

    • I have seen that to be true in my life many times over as well as seeing that in the lives of others. Its not always a 100% perfect predictor, but there is truth that can be seen through the darkness. Often though its a time after the darkness has passed…

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