Imago Scriptura 33 – Sun

As my passion for photography has increased, so has my “noticing” of the effects of the sun. Paying attention to the type of light during the day and the effect it has is vital for photography. How to adapt to, use, and play with light goes along with most of the photos that I take. Yesterday was no different. I was walking to church and the early morning sun was brilliant and I saw it shining through these flowering buds on one of my neighbors’ trees. I love the way that the sunlight illuminates the petals to where you can see the details within, how the features of the buds become sharper and clearer, and how the whites seem brighter. For this picture to take place, the sun had to be at a certain place and time and shining in a certain way.

This is not unlike how the Son shone on Peter James and John in the Gospel reading from yesterday in Luke 9. The three come with Jesus to the top of a mountain and there Jesus is “transfigured” (transformed, changed, etc) and he shines with a blinding light. These three disciples see Jesus and the world in a way that they have never seen before and might never see the same way again. I am sure if they had cameras, they would have been snapping away the whole time up there. But instead we have their story and maybe that is even better because we are given the opportunity as a result to try to see it in our own ways of how the Son illuminated their lives and, by extension, illuminates our own.

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