Imago Scriptura 55 – Beautiful

There’s the old cliche that says “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” In other words, what is beautiful to one person might not be beautiful to another. We’ve all experienced the truth of that statement. Yesterday’s reading from 2 Chronicles details the building of Solomon’s temple – detailed descriptions of the materials, the furnishings, the decor. I can only imagine what the temple must have looked like when it was built with the cedar posts, the gold furnishings, the stonework. Truly it feels like a place fit for the worship of God.

Yesterday I experienced two somewhat contrasting experiences of beauty. The first came in the morning as I was taking the kids to school – I saw the first open bloom on our magnolia tree. I know there will be many others but I always love when the first one opens. The other came from the aroma that filled our kitchen throughout the day (and still does a bit this morning). It was my annual BBQ sauce cooking day. It is an all-day process of combining, boiling, simmering, testing, etc. And the aroma truly fills not only the kitchen but the whole house. Its a beautiful thing.

So, this is speaking to me today as a new day starts – to look for and dwell on something truly beautiful today.

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