Imago Scriptura 64 – Job 3-4 – Spiraling

While at my uncle’s memorial service today, I was outside looking at a pair of redwoods that were growing up next to each other just outside of the building we were in.  They are nowhere near the size of the “big” redwoods north of San Francisco, but they were still huge and I couldn’t see the top of them from where I stood.  But instead when I looked up, it was just a spiraliing mix of branches, leaves, and (even for “small” redwoods) a dizzying height.  I hear an element of that spiraliing in what Job begins to share and then likely what he was feeling as his friend Eliphaz begins to speak.

Like with the last few chapters, its when others begin to try to explain away the pain of a situation, trying to find blame where there is none, or just talking to fill the empty space that we often find uncomfortable to stay silently within.

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