Imago Scriptura 65 – Job 5-7 – Trying

My sister  and I spent the day at Stanford today including seeing the Rodin sculptures on campus. Not surprisingly I took more than a few shots of the places we visited. This sculpture (one of the Burghers of Calais) was really striking – but one could not easily see his face because of the way he was sculpted. I took my camera and just shot upwards with about 12-15 shots to get his face in frame. (Side note – the background to this sculpture is fascinating ). The angst and pain on his face and hands on top of his head speak to me of what Job must have been feeling. In the readings from today, we have Eliphaz continuing his comments on trying to explain the reasons for Job’s sufferings and then Job’s first response. The details to me aren’t as important as the feelings there – Eliphaz is blaming Job without saying those exact words while Job is just trying to wrap his mind around the whole thing. Job is not only grieving the horrific losses he has faced but he is also trying to understand. If I were in Job’s position, I imagine I might look a bit like this man in the sculpture.

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