Imago Scriptura 75 – Acts 17 – Pointing

We had a stunning hike today. We weren’t planning on going on a hike, but it just kind of happened that we “needed” to take the Cathedral Spires path when we came to a pull off along the Needles Highway. It wasn’t a long hike but it was gorgeous as we hiked amongst these granite spires shooting up to the skies. It is clear why it was called the Cathedral Spires – these spires pointing up to the Creator. This morning, I read the story in Acts 17 when Paul was in Athens and was speaking to the Athenians about one of the statues in the city dedicated “to an unknown god.” Paul goes on to tell about how that statue begins the journey toward a God who can be known in Jesus Christ. I feel similarly about this beautiful hike and about these spires They don’t tell the whole story but they can begin a story – a story of knowing the Creator behind it all.

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