Imago Scriptura 92 – Psalm 119b – Fitbits and Owen Meany

The last two days of daily readings have been going through the longest Paalm in the Bible – Psalm 119. The overall theme of this song is about God’s faithfulness as understood through God’s decrees and God’s word. One passage in particular stood out to me in today’s reading:

Your word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.  Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures. (Ps 119:89-90)

Thsi spoke to me because I had just been dealing with something earlier in the day that had been working very well for a very long time and was a part of my everyday.  I have had the same fitbit for over 3 years now – sometime in 2013 – and I have worn it nearly every day over that period of time.  In fact, I just got my “Earth badge” from Fitbit – noting that I have walked/run/hiked the equivalent distance of the diameter of the earth.  But the last few days, it has been a little squirrley – it is registering that I am taking more flights of stairs than I actually am and then last night, it stopped registering when I plugged it in to recharge.  I began to wonder whether my trusty device had finally succumed to countless times at the gym and a few runs through the washer.

The good news is that I managed to do a full reset on it and all seems to be good once again.  So as I was working out at the gym this morning with my now-working fitbit counting my steps, I came across the passage above and then also this passage from A Prayer for Owen Meany (which I am reading for the umpteenth time).

I have a church-rummage faith—the kind that needs patching up every weekend.

Got me thinking about how I keep stringing this little device along and it isn’t quite working as well as it once did – it needs to be recharged about every other day – but it continues to do what I need it do.  Its not the newest or the flashiest but it just continues to work and I’m going to keep using it until it really and truly stops working.

But in the midst of that, I am grateful for something that has been around a lot longer than my fitbit and has some scratches on it and some don’t think that it works like it once did (which I disagree) and that is God’s Word for my life.  I continue to be grateful for the new insights I gain as I am gonig through the Bible in a year right now – coming to passages and sections that I have read so many times before and in many different contexts but new truths and wisdom and blessings and beauty and convictions continue to emerge.  So it keeps ticking on and speaking and changing my life (and the lives of others).  Good stuff.  Its like what the Psalmist wrote about – God’s word and God’s faithfulness that are eternal and stand in the heavens through all generations and continues to endure.

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