Savoring the Word 17 – Luke 24:13ff – Emmaus

Yesterday I heard from two friends of mine who are wrestling with where they are in life. Paths that once seemed so very clear did not feel so much at least yesterday.  If they (and I and we) are honest with ourselves, that’s probably more of a feeling of how things are in the norm instead of the exception.  

This is what I was praying over as I took a few minutes before a breakfast meeting today. I took about 15 minutes at this overlook to meditate, to breathe deeply, to pray. The path before me spoke to me of waking with Jesus. 
Walking with Jesus isn’t always clear and isn’t always straight.  The road to Emmaus story is one that connects deeply with me because it captures so much of life. The two are walking along with heavy hearts – they possibly are trying to escape Jerusalem because of everything that happened.  And then Jesus comes along and resurrection meets them on the road but they don’t see it. 

So many places of life we don’t realize the ways that Jesus walks alongside us and yet he does. Yet he does. The paths don’t seem clear and yet when we are able to come to a place of clear encounter with Jesus (such as at the table in this story) we can look back and see him with us all along. 

There’s a quote from CS Lewis that I have in my office but hat says, “isn’t it funny how day by day nothing seems to change but when you look back everything is different.”  

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