My Emmaus Road

I know this is a similar picture to what I posted the other day but something about this path just really continues to speak to me. I had the Sunday off today (Yahoo!!!! – grateful for a wonderful associate pastor!) and our family went out to Sunday breakfast (which we rarely get to do) and then were blessed by worship at a church where a friend of ours serves as pastor.  She was focusing on different passages in worship (Jesus visiting the disciples and Thomas after the resurrection and part of Peter’s speech on Pentecost) than the Emmaus story but I found a connection personally between them – Pastor Michelle dug into the story that Peter shared that Pentecost day and into the roots of the word “testimony” and there were two questions she asked that I just had to write down…

  • When did Jesus become more than just a name to me?
  • How did Jesus become more than just a name to me?

Those are such powerful questions – They seem very easy to answer in some respects but the reality is that they are so deep.  I can points to moments along my path that Jesus became more than just a name and I can point to moments when the how started to get clearer.  But those two questions continue to grow new answers in my life – they have new twists and turns just like this path here.  They, like the Road to Emmaus story, have moments where I don’t recognize that Jesus is right there with me and times when Jesus is revealed in beautiful moments.

As Pastor Michelle closed her sermon this morning…”To the glory of God – our creator, redeemer, and sustainer.”  Amen.

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  1. As a pastor, I know what a blessing it is to have a Sunday off. Thank you for sharing how God ministered to you through this time away!

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