Psalm 1 – Dandelions

It’s time to return to the Psalms. It feels like a time that I need to be sure that there is a song of the Lord spoken to my heart each day. I’m going to try to avoid just repeating what I shared last time I walked through the Psalms, but there may be some overlap.

Today, I thought of dandelions as I read Psalm 1. In this Psalm there is a contrast made between those who are rooted in the Lord and those who the Psalmist calls “the wicked” – those who are not following the way of the Lord. It is so tempting when reading words like that to start to “name” the wicked. It is all too easy to do that. But if I’m honest with myself, I know there are times that I am deeply rooted in the Lord and times that I am far from rooted in God.

Where dandelions come in with this is that I need to remember to let go (letting them blow away with the wind) of the times that I know I have fallen short and of those who could be considered “the wicked” (using the language of this Psalm – I’m not a big fan of trying to determine myself who is good and who is evil, who is the righteous and who is the wicked) – my dwelling should not be on that but on my own rootedness and helping others to find that rootedness. My kids love blowing dandelions, like all kids do. They are some of nature’s toys – but when one blows a dandelion, the fluff and seeds are gone as soon as you blow them. They are hard to capture on film as they float away – they float away like the chaff. Focus not on the chaff, but on the rootedness in God.

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