Psalm 4 – Wide Open

I’m an open space person. Growing up surrounded not by thick woods, but by open space, I have it in my bones to find spaces where I can take in huge vistas. They are soul renewing for me. So when I read the NET translation of verse 1 of psalm 4. My spirit was stirred. 
When I call out, answer me,

O God who vindicates me!

Though I am hemmed in, 

you will lead me into a wide, open place.

This is a rather unconventional translation. Most others just talk of God meeting people when they needed it most. But I love the personalization and imagery this translation provides…leading from a place of trapped-news to a place of freedom and possibility. That is what I want to experience of God and hope to show others. God is far bigger than we give God credit for. Sometimes hemmed in places feel comforting but they ultimately confine and restrict. Thank you God that you are bigger…

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