Psalm 6 – Sight

My eyes grow dim from suffering;
they grow weak because of all my enemies.
– Psalm 6:7

There is a theme in these early Psalms about struggles and finding God through those times. There are many laments of asking God where God is at. Psalm 6 is no different – It begins with a plea to God about refraining from anger and continues into lament before closing with a word of hope in verse 9 and then a shot across the bow at enemies in verse 10. But what really grabbed me in this passage was verse 7 because of a friend of mine who is dealing with major eye issues and has been for several years now. I don’t want to get into details, but it pains me to hear about how he keeps trying new things and there continue to be setbacks and I can only imagine the frustration he feels as yet another challenge to his vision has come into his life. That’s why verse 7 stood out to me – his vision is literally dimmed and weak because of the conditions that have been affecting him.

And so, today is a lament in solidarity with him. It is a prayer for healing and restoration. It is a holding to the hope of verse 9:

The Lord has heard my appeal for mercy;
the Lord has accepted my prayer.

It is a prayer that it is not just God hearing this appeal and an acceptance of the prayer but for a restoration for him.

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