Psalm 16 – Distance

I’ve been praying through Psalm 16 a lot the last few weeks – there’s been a lot happening in my life and in the world that has been heavy on me.  Prayers for family members, for friends, for the church I serve, for the community and city I live in, for our country, Its been a lot.  Nothing more than what a lot of others deal with but its been a lot.  This Psalm has been not as much a reflection back (as it reads in the song itself) but I’ve been praying it for what I hope to see happen in all of what I listed a few sentences ago.

Protect me, O God, for I have taken shelter in you.
I say to the Lord, “You are the Lord,
my only source of well-being.”
As for Godʼs chosen people who are in the land,
and the leading officials I admired so much –
their troubles multiply,
they desire other gods.
I will not pour out drink offerings of blood to their gods,
nor will I make vows in the name of their gods.
Lord, you give me stability and prosperity;
you make my future secure.
It is as if I have been given fertile fields
or received a beautiful tract of land.
I will praise the Lord who guides me;
yes, during the night I reflect and learn.
I constantly trust in the Lord;
because he is at my right hand, I will not be upended.
So my heart rejoices
and I am happy;
My life is safe.
You will not abandon me to Sheol;
you will not allow your faithful follower to see the Pit.
You lead me in the path of life;
I experience absolute joy in your presence;
you always give me sheer delight.

The image for this Psalm comes from the stairwell of the church my wife serves.  I have been the photographer for their Vacation Bible School and this just caught me as I was heading upstairs to get some pictures of a few of the groups.  I could mostly see the cross on the steeple, but it was through the glass and the dividers in the window, so it seemed a bit distant.  But it was still rising up and stood strong.

That’s how I’ve been praying this Psalm – hoping to see the promises of this Psalm fulfilled in many different areas of life, but not fully seeing them in the immediate.

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