The Gifts of Imperfection – Guidepost 6 – Cultivating Creativity

In this chapter, Brown talks about her own struggles with creativity. She shared about her early years in New Orleans and the creative haven she lived in, nt things changed when she moved to Houston. She shared that her last creative memory was at around ages 8 or 9. This so resonated with me because I felt the same for a long time.

Creativity was for other people- Kind of like I wrote about mystery, creativity was too “squishy” . It wasn’t hard data, it wasn’t factual.” creativity was for the Myers-Briggs P’s out there- not J’s like me.

A change began in me when two people reacted deeply to a photo I took in a way that took me completely by surprise. The depth of their emotional response caught me totally off guard. So I began to experiment, to play, to practice, to learn the art of photography. I began to realize not only how comfortable I was exploring the world and exploring faith through the lens but I also began to see how others saw this in my shots. As my creativity was reborn, so many other areas of my life changed and deepened.

I am grateful for the Creative Creator who is at work all around and for how the image of God in us allows us to live creatively.

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