Hope 04 – Sin and Hope

Psalm 39 is a powerful read, beginning just with the struggle of the writer (David) about whether he should put down what he is feeling and wrestling with. Should I or shouldn’t I? But when he finally does, it is a deeply honest lament about all kinds of things – the problems he is seeing in the world, his own sinfulness, and even how he attributes much to God’s punishment. As I read this passage, what came to mind were Jesus’ words about sin and how we need to remove the log in our own eye before we take the tiny speck out of a neighbor’s eye. We need to be honest about ourselves and our own “stuff’ before we point at the sin of others. It is so easy to point out the sin of others (just take a look at recent news about politics, entertainment, and so forth) but much harder to look deep within ourselves. But the hope comes in the one who forgives. I love how, even in the midst of everything he laments, David is still able to offer this up in verse 7… And now, O Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in you.”

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