Seeing Through the Rain

Lord, may I sense you every moment and make my whole life a prayer.

Today it was in a rainstorm, a windshield, a long stoplight, and daytime running lights where I saw the beauty of God and was reminded of God’s presence. I was waiting at one of those stoplights that just seems to take forever to change and a light drizzle turned into a heavy rain. My wiper blades were on interval and the windshield started to be covered by the water. Before I turned up the blades, there was something that seemed beautiful about the headlights across the intersection from me. Luckily, my camera was on the passenger seat so I fired off several quick shots. Of course, the light decided to change just as I took the picture…

But the whole thing reminded me of the prayer that was in my devotions this morning…

Lord, may I sense you every moment and make my whole life a prayer.

There’s a lot that this picture speaks to me of God. There’s the rain that nourishes Creaton. There’s the abundance that was falling. There’s a scariness in not being able to see everything ahead clearly. There’s the light ahead that, even though not fully clear, still shines through the drops that are crystal clear in the foreground.

Or its simply headlights on a rainy day shining through a watery windshield.

But I prefer to see God even in this.

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