Glory 01 – The New World

Psalm 104 speaks of how the creation all around us points to the divine creator behind it all. “O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” The creation often speaks in the big things but I find that I feel the Creator’s presence in the quiet and the stillness. It is in the places when I am out hiking and don’t have my earbuds in and I am simply taking in the soundtrack of the woods around me. It is in the times when I sit in the Spring, Summer, and Fall with the windows open after everyone else has gone to sleep and listen to the quiet of the night. It is in the times when I see the drops from the rain sticking to the branches of trees and bushes like in this picture.

Curtice also quoted JRR Tolkien who wrote in The Fellowship the Ring…”Everything looked fresh, ad the new green of Spring was shimmering in the fields and on the tips of the trees’ fingers.” Glory is found in the places we expect – stunning sunrises and sunsets, inspiring vistas, but often so much more so for me in the simple sounds of hiking boots on a path or a gentle rain or the rustling of the trees. The soundtrack of the Creator. And today, Ash Wednesday, we feel the touch of the Creator in the simple ashes placed upon our foreheads that speak of where we have been and where we go ahead of us.

You are the stillness in this place.
Holy One, Kingdom come.
Embrace us here, now.
Speak into our hollow places
where we’ve lost our words and find only
utterance, only experiences
and observations to teach us who you are.
Secure us by your kind mercy.
Jesus, speak in the quiet.
Give us rest.

You can check our Kaitlin Curtice’s Book, Glory Happening here


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