Glory 04 – It’s In the Eyes

We only had a cat when my wife was pregnant with the our children and as a cat is a cat, he didn’t seem to care all that much about what was happening. However, I wonder what would have happened had we had a dog during those times. Curtice writes today about her experience with their husky when she was pregnant – that their dog just seemed to know something was up and there was someone else to be watched over and protected. I have seen this with our dog time and time again – she, sometimes to a fault, just seems to care about looking after us (even when it includes barking at about 2 in the morning when she hears something outside). She’s always on alert for us and that’s a wonderful thing to know.

Curtice asks how we could have a similar sense for others – be on the watch for others’ needs and concerns. She says it beautifully when she writes, “Let’s seek each other out, use our senses and respond in love, igniting sparks of glory anywhere they may be found.”

Reminded me of an article some friends posted on FB after the shootings in Parkland, Florida this weekend…

There’s a Way to Stop Mass Shootings and You Won’t Like It

There’s incredible power in the connections we can make with others.  What change would it make if people were more intentional about reaching out to the ones who are isolated, different, and different?  I know I struggle with this at times and I pray that I can be a lot more like Jesus in this way…

Where there is a need,
show it to me.
Look me in the eyes
through the eyes
of someone I can see,
someone I can tangibly care for
or listen to
or hold close.
Show me how to use
all of my senses
to understand
the way your Kingdom
brings all of our senses
to life.

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