Glory 05 – Simple and Complex

Suddenly my life has gotten a lot simpler and more complex at the same time. Simple because my schedule is a lot none wide open but more complex because of the process ahead of discerning what’s next. But that is a lot like life and faith isn’t it? As much as we want our faith to be simple and clear cut and easy, it isn’t. It has nuances, complexities, and takes work. But at the same time you can boil it down to “Jesus loves me this I know” or as a friend of mine shared a few weeks ago, “Jesus knows me, this I love.” Simple, yet with complexities.

What I heard in the devotional this morning was similar. As Curtice wrote about the single process of making bread, she also bought in the complexities of hour past works to make bread rise.

So this picture speaks of this contrast. I took this of the subtle colors in the post- sunrise sky this morning on my final Sunday here. It is a simple picture – a silhouette of the church with the subtle colors behind. But it reflects a lot of complexity. There’s complexity in why the light was as it was, how to play with the exposures in taking the shot, but even more a complexity in it represents the close of one stage and the beginning of another. Simple, yet complex.


It will take us our whole lives and all of eternity

to understand how exactly you

came to be the bread and the wine.

It will take us our whole lives and all of eternity

to understand how exactly you

offer yourself to us in such a way.

We do not fathom it,

and so we cannot fathom you.

But we will spend our whole lives and all of eternity trying.


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