Glory 07 – Rest and Play

My body was communicating something to me yesterday and today.  After an incredibly intense last few weeks, yesterday and today my body said that it was time to rest.  The cold bug that I had been pushing off finally got the better of me yesterday and today.  And then this morning Curtice writes about an experience of sabbath rest and play.  I felt the Lord speaking into my life through ehr words – it was time to rest and renew today.  There will be plenty of time ahead for the things that I “need” to do, but today the need was a need to rest.

I was feeling a good bit better by tonight and our family took Scout out for a walk on a beautiful evening.  Our daughter wanted to swing on the school swings and so it was time to play a bit.  Sabbath is not only a time to rest but also to take in the blessing and renewal that play can bring too.

Curtice ends the devotion today with the following prayer:

We are weak and shallow-hearted.
Yet, you give us your presence,
a deep well of kindness,
never ceasing,
to beckon us
to life
and breath.
We are shallow-hearted,
and yet,
we are placed within your care.
We are shallow hearted,
and yet,
you call us into holiness,
deep and flowing and good,
and we find ourselves
allowed into a deeper
kind of living
than we’ve ever
known before.

Glory Happening – by Kaitlin Curtice

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