Glory 10 – Refilling

Yesterday’s devotion (I’m a day behind) spoke a lot to me about refilling our tanks.  So much of our lives is pouring ourselves out for others.  Curtice spoke of the challenges she was facing of being a mother.  “I was overwhelmed by parenthood, overwhelmed by mothering and pouring out, overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to parent patiently…There at the edge of ourselves where we feel there’s nothing to fix or redeem us – there – all we need is a gift.”

For me, the gift was my parents offering to fly me out for a weekend back home in Colorado following my last Sunday at the church I’ve served the last nine years.  They offered it as a time for me to come and rest and renew and connect with them and with friends and with the place that has fed my soul.  So, it was a true gift.

I took the first whole day here (yesterday) to disappear into the mountains.  It ended up being more than just a simple hike but pretty much all day – beginning at the base of the Flatirons, then heading to Rocky Mountain National Park, and then returning to the Flatirons at the close of the day.  It was glorious and beautiful and renewing.  I kept having this picture in my mind of my spiritual “tank” getting filled up.

While I don’t feel that I am on the edge like Curtice spoke of, I do feel that there is a jumping off that is ahead into whatever God has before my family and me.  Just as standing on the edge of a hiking path that falls steeply away, it is a bit scary but it is even more exciting about what doors God is preparing to open.

Glory Happening by Kaitlin Curtice

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