Glory 14 – Recording

Glory 14- Recording
Yesterday’s glory was in an unexpected find. We had to take our desktop computer into the doctor for a likely failing hard drive (time for a SSD) and as I moved the computer I found this behind the monitor. It was a little picture and recorder from 2005 (and RadioShack – wow!) and on the side was a picture of me and my wife and two of our kids. And when we press the button is a recording of our daughter at about 6 months old. It was a wonderful find and a wonderful blessing. Curtice wrote about an experience with her growing up and the loss of her father and the impact that it made on her. While my experience with this find is very different, I thought of the glory of what it has been to be a father and what I hope I have been and hope to continue to be to my children. While Curtice wrote of finding the love of God in the absence of her earthly father, I hope that my children see the love of God in my wife and my actions and in our words.

Today’s prayer in the devotion is:

Thank you for the way you pour yourself into humanity,
straight into our bones,
into the marrow,
where we’ve tried to poison ourselves with grief.
You are all joy,
all wonder,
and all relief.
Jesus, thank you for the loud and the quiet,
the laughter and the sobs –
it all means that we are alive,
that your reality finds us.
And to be human is to know every limit,
to see ourselves stacked against those realities,
against every hard truth.
To be human is to be able to grasp hope,
to hold it tightly to the chest,
and to let its nectar seep into our hearts
and give us peace.
Thank you for our humanity.

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