Glory 18 – Coco

Yesterday, Curtice wrote of living and dying as she reflected on two people in her life who died of cancers. She wrote, “They are both engraved deep into my being, their names still spoken eveny now and then in a prayer, their souls still whispering into the air what it means to live and die and live again, what it means to give up something of earth to find something unearthly, something holier than what I will ever know here in this skin.”

I thought a lot of the day on those words and I prayed over them as I remembered a dear woman whose funeral was yesterday. But they also hit me as we watched Coco last night – Pixar’s latest amazing film. As it dove into the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertos, I found myself remembering our family members who have passed away – our grandparents, dear uncles in the last few years, and others beyond our immediate families as well. What I love about celebrations such as this is that it isn’t simply an intellectual exercise of remembering but it is a drawing upon the wisdom of those who came before us and celebrating that their lives continue to be intertwined with ours. Their lives continue to be a part of ours. Remembering is doing.

Feels a little Eucharist-like. Jesus calling you his followers to share the bread and cue in remembrance of him. Again, not simply an intellectual exercise but the intellect tied to our emotions and our actions.

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