Glory 19 – Hunger

For what do I hunger? Tonight, it was for this. We received a very generous Cheesecake Factory gift card after my last Sunday and we used it tonight. We joked on our way over that we ought to just order cheesecake for dinner and we’d probably all be full. However, that’s not what ended up happening. But as we waited for our food to arrive, all of us at the table talked about how hungry we were. Reality of course is that we weren’t truly hungry just that it had been several hours since we last ate. And after the bread to start, the meals we ate (I had a “skinnylicious” that was ridiculously big) and then our cheesecakes, we all left feeling far from having growling stomachs. (My cheesecake above was the cookie dough cheesecake).

I started the day with a special meal (The Lord’s Supper in worship this morning) and ended with a special meal (a night out with my family generously given by friends as a thank you). But it got me to thinking about how much I hunger in the same way for Christ as I do for a snack in the middle of the afternoon. Yes they are different things obviously, but when my stomach growls, I know that it is a sign to have a few carrots or grapes (if I eat healthily) or something not quite as healthy. But what are the signs of spiritual hunger? I know what physical hunger is – stomach making noises, feeling a bit tired or worn down, or “hangry.”

But spiritual hunger is different = sometimes it is a feeling that I am just “off” or that pessimism has replaced hope and optimism, or feeling just disconnected or as grounded as I know I am supposed to be. In those times, Lord help me to go to you just as I so quickly go to the cookie jar or the refrigerator when I feel those pangs of hunger.

After all, Jesus talked about how blest those are who hunger and thirst for righteousness…for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

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