Glory 22 – Seeds

Ok I’ll put this right out there, Glory is not the right title for this post today but it comes out of what I read in Glory Happening this morning but probably not in the way that Kaitlin Curtice wrote or intended today’s devotion. She wrote in today’s about her son talking to the little seeds that had been planted in their garden and asking how they are doing. Then encouragements further came as the seeds grew into tiny shoots poking out of the dirt and began to grow and take shape. It led to her sharing of the ways that we each grow in our faith in and towards the light of God.

Today, however, this took on different meaning. I am in Columbus today for a consultation and after I was done for the day, I went looking for a place to go for a walk. I had seen a sign for a nature preserve on my way in this morning and so I headed there. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the chain link fence near the parking lot covered with flowers and notes with one note out in the open for all to read. As I read it, I knew immediately why the flowers and notes were there. Going down the wooden stairs from the parking lot, I eventually came to a beautiful waterfall (picture below) with many more flowers in front. After getting back to my hotel, a google search came up with the story of a 17 year old girl whose body was found in that area just a week ago. While the story did not mention suicide, it did share that she had struggled with depression. Put that together with what I read here and it sounds like this young woman took her own life.

I obviously never knew this young woman and I don’t know her story. But her picture was with the article. She was a seed that was starting to come into the fullness of the woman she was to become. But there was something that led her to take her life. I grieve so deeply for her tonight that she didn’t feel the love like that seed felt in the devotion that I read this morning. I grieve for her family and her friends who undoubtedly have so much guilt over what they could have done or what they missed. I grieve. And I simply pray for all of them tonight.

It reminds me of how God calls us be aware of those around us. I am grateful for the example of Jesus who looked to all people, but especially seemed drawn to those who felt excluded, left out, ignored, hated, scorned. Lord, help me to be aware of those who struggle so deeply and give me the courage to speak and live out the love that helps seeds grow into the beauty God has made them to be.

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