Glory 23 – Eyes

This morning, I read about Curtice’s family temporarily taking in a stray dog that turned out to be a neighbor’s dog that had gotten loose. But for the 12 hours or so that Sasha was with them, there was a unique magic that a dog brings to a family – to her, to her boys, to her husband. Several parts stood out – all having to do with eyes. She wrote of how a little wet nose called her attention to eyes looking at her until she responded, about her son wiping tears from his eyes as they took Sasha back to her owners, and of how Sasha’s soulful eyes drew them in during that short period she was with them.

I read this while Scout was laying curled up next to me early this morning and thought of the countless times her eyes looked up at any of us with a call to play, to belly-rub, to feed her, or simply to just invite her up on the couch to cuddle. Or of our kids talking about trying to resist the puppy-dog eyes asking for a piece of bacon… Scripture speaks so much of the eyes, but especially of the eyes of God. We read this in the Psalms many times over – the eyes of God are upon us, in Genesis – that Noah found favor in the eyes of God, in Job, and in many other places. And of course, we read it in the life of Jesus – one who saw beyond just the surface for people and understood where they each truly were how he could meet them in those places.

Eyes are amazing because even if we are not intending it, our eyes can reveal so much and communicate so much. Our eyes can say when we are alive and energized, when we are happy and excited, when we are confused and unsure, when we are sad and grieving, when we are angry and upset. They truly are the windows to our soul. So, today, I glory in the beauty of eyes. Thank you Lord for letting me see and be seen.


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