Glory 26 – Companions

I continue to be blessed by the ways that Kaitlin Curtice’s book continues to line up with experiences I’ve had or are having.  Today, when I opened my journal app, it showed me entries I had made on this day the last few years.  Three times I had posted pictures of roads talking about traveling the path of faith and about companions with whom I have traveled.  And then this morning, Curtice writes about the benediction given by her pastor, Julie, who would leave for a new congregation in the months after.

May the God who seeks you find you when you fall.
May the God who loves you take delight in your living.
May the God who sends you send you now with joy.
For in your gladness and in your grieving;
in your brokenness and in your healing;
in your faithfulness and in your leaving,
the God who made you and redeemed you
is the God who keeps you, still.

Curtice followed this up by sharing in her words, “Julie’s words have never seemed truer, and God’s kindness never seemed fresher, because when we are tired, Kingdom beckons.  And when we can’t see what’s ahead, a path is cleared, and we are no longer afraid, for glory lines the path at our feet, benedictions abounding.”

I have been blessed by many different companions along the way and today was a wonderful day of similar blessings.  I started the day with a wonderful walk with our dog, continued it with a conversation with a brother who reached out to me just to check in, to the blessed continuing care and love of my wife, and several other wonderful connections today.  Blessed by the journey we are on and the companions along the way.  Grateful.


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