Glory 28 – Memories, Beauty, and Dwelling

So I’ve been quiet for the last week or so but the old saying “still waters run deep” is pretty accurate.  My family and I have been on vacation for Spring Break and have been enjoying our time together at the beach.  While the weather hasn’t been exactly conducive for getting in the ocean, there’s been plenty that has been a deep blessing.  The last several days, Curtice’s devotions have spoken of finding the divine in the beauty of Creation, of the way that new experiences connect us with old memories, and about dwelling deeply in the movements of the Spirit.  That really captures a lot of my experience the last few days.  We are at a beach where my wife and I spent time at early on in our relationship and its been wonderful to reconnect with this place through our larger family but it has also provided for lots of time of rest and renewal.  I’ve gone out for long walks on the beach in the mornings to take in the beauty that a sunrise brings over the ocean.  Music has continued to speak deeply to me in these times as well, giving me times to connect with God through the immense physical beauty around but also the specific reflections on faith that Amanda Opelt, Jars of Clay, David Wilcox, U2, and others have brought.  And we have made some amazing new memories – all of us having a crazy time at an indoor trampoline park, eating burritos at Flamin’ Amy’s Burrito Barn, playing Catan (board game) and Exploding Kittens (crazy card game for those who may be concerned what I am talking about).   Lots of glory to be seen and taken in this week.  And more to come.  Grateful.


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  1. Flamin’ Amy’s!!

    (We have Exploding Kittens too.)

    So grateful that you will be in our home tomorrow.

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