The Upside Down

A few days ago, I started a 90 day reading plan through the New Testament, about 4 chapters a day or so. I’m all of 3 days into Matthew’s Gospel and I’ve been struck by a theme through the first 10 chapters. Jesus is turning everything upside-down, but not throwing everything out but instead just enough that you know something has changed. The law isn’t thrown out but instead Jesus seeks to get at the deeper meaning of the Law. He doesn’t eliminate living out one’s faith but pushes it to not be a performance. He meets with people he isn’t “supposed to” and calls people to follow no one else would have chosen.

Unlike the Upside-Down of Stranger Things, this upside down is redemptive, life-changing, hopeful, and beautiful. But it is just enough different that you know something has changed. That’s how I feel we are called to be as Christians and as the Church. We aren’t to be so different that people feel we are unapproachable, but just enough that people are drawn in to look closer.

So, take a close look at this picture I see what I mean…

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