I love “happy accidents.”  Thanks Bob Ross.  I took this yesterday morning on an early walk and didn’t intend for the background to turn out as it did.  The background was against a bunch of green grass and plants and it turned out with this dark background with just the tiniest hint of green.  But the dew and some of the dandelion is perfectly sharp.  Yea for happy accidents.

But that’s how I am feeling right now – I’m very much in this in between place of seeing lots of great blessings and great beauty in this transition time, but things get a lot less clear as I start looking further and further ahead.  Some clarity may be coming in the next few weeks but not for sure.  So we’re in that place of trusting and believing whole-heartedly that God’s got this, but also feeling for when we’ll start to see the “…?” that we’re living in turning into a “.” or an “!”  (Thank you Mary for that beautiful way of putting it).

The last few days, I’ve been reading in John’s Gospel of the last days of Jesus and his disciples, just as I have read in the other Gospels the last month or so.  John, however, has a lengthy discourse from Jesus at the table and then later in the Garden.  But what stood out to me was the angst of the disciples shared in John about the betrayal, the denials, and then simply Jesus’ final predictions of what was to come.  And into that comes Jesus’ words of comfort and assurance – “Do not be afraid…,” “I am the vine, you are the branches”, and to assure them that even if he is gone, the prsence of the Spirit will continue to be there with them.

That’s the promise I hold to right now – not that I am worried, anxious, freaking out, or anything like that.  But looking for the longer view to get clearer.  But once again, God’s got this.


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