I think I have found my favorite labyrinth.

There is so much amazing intentionality to this one. The contrasts of the white stones, the black mulch, the green grass, the sunlight shining in, all illuminating and surrounding a stunning tree at the center.

I walked most of it this morning and saw some of the irises in full bloom, others that have already bloomed and are fading, ones nearly ready to bloom, and some still a ways out. As I walked the labyrinth and prayed through my steps and seeing these flowers, I felt a great encouragement in where we are in this stage of life.

At points it feels like we are on the verge of something ready to bloom. Other points have been wondering if we missed something emerging. Still other possibilities feel a long way off. Yet they are all a part of the singular adventure and path of following Jesus.

But once again, God’s got this.  God has those moments that may feel like missed opportunities. God has those moments that feel ready to burst into glorious color and life. God has those points that fed a long way off. And there is beauty throughout and for that I am indescribably grateful.

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