The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen 03 – Wonder

I love to read but it has been a while since I read through a book like I did with this one. I went through about the first third of it over the last few days but yesterday it reached a point where I could not put it down. I ended up reading from about 10pm until about 1130pm to finish the book. There was so much that resonated with me of her story – feeling the limits of her faith, discovering the beauty that is present in life, being surprised where the holy is found, being honest with our woundedness, doubts and fears, hope and joy, the necessity and blessing of family and community, and recognizing that the journey of wholeness for ourselves and the world is never finished. These just skim the surface. Rather than going through it in detail, I simply am grateful for Lisa Gungor and her willingness to open her story to the world and I am grateful to have been able to find my story in the midst of hers. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. You may not be in the same place as she is spiritually but it is a beautiful, challenging, honest, and hopeful story.

So, today’s picture isn’t so much a reflection on the book as much as it was from what my wife shared on a walk this morning as I was still ruminating on finishing the book last night. We were walking on a very hot and humid morning and she pointed out these red leaves, simply noting how beautiful it was. I had walked by those plants many times the last several days but hadn’t seen them as I did this morning after my wife pointed them out. So, I am grateful for her helping me see something wonderfully beautiful this morning and the ways that she has opened my eyes to wonder day after day.

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