What I Heard

My meditation yesterday morning focused on listening. Listening to what was all around especially being intent on that which we have tuned out. For example, I live in a town near a busy railroad track and after living here for more than a few years, I rarely hear the trains even though they still pass through with regularity. My scripture readings also had several references to listening to what was being said and what God has created around us.

The picture today reflects how I saw this. There is a beautiful golden finch in amongst the flowers but it takes some intention to see it. It isn’t seen with just a simple glance. Just as we need to pay attention to what we hear around us and not live on automatic and tuning out but instead living with an awareness of all that is around us – God’s wondrous creation, the people and relationships in our lives, the opportunities the Spirit gives us to witness and so on.

• My boys talking about Star Wars

• My daughter talking to Scout

• A gentle good morning from my wife

• The blender making a smoothie

• The bing of the toaster oven

• The crunch of the gravel path on a walk

• The sound of my breathing deeply and slowly.

• The Pitter patter of Scout’s paws

• The crickets and other insects

• The running water of the creek

• The good morning of a man walking the other way

• The whiiiirrrrp of the leash as scout goes out and comes back

• Distant and close chirps

• The rustle of my feet through the grasses

• The incredible varieties of bird calls

• The deadening of sound as I walked into the heavy woods

• Scout farting as she jumped over a log

• “On your left” from the jogger coming up from behind

• The triple click from my camera shutter.

• The intensity of Scout sniffing when she is on focused on a scent and the flapping of her ears when she shakes

• The jet flying overhead

• The gentle beep from a friend’s text

• The strong “leave it” as Scout tried to go after a baby bunny

• The animated conversation of a couple walking past me

• The warm greetings from friends not seen for a while

• The alarm at Lowe’s after the security device on my purchase wasn’t deactivated

• The silence in our house as I worked on our kitchen

• The gentle sound of the paintbrush against the cabinets

• Sounds from the dishwasher I hadn’t heard before since the cabinet doors are not back on yet

• The greetings from the kids as they came home from camp

• The pressure release from the instant pot

• The silence in the house after everyone was asleep.

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