Seeing the Light

A few mornings ago I saw the sunlight.

It was a foggy/hazy morning and as I went for a sermon walk I was so blessed by the early light illuminated by the light fog. I’ve always been fascinated by light rays like this and find such amazing beauty in them. This one in particular really grabbed me as I was walking this path. The way that it seems that there was one really bright ray that shone out. I wish I could have captured in a picture what it looked like as I moved through it as well. No picture or video could truly do it justice.

What I kept going back to throughout the walk was what it was like to “see the light.” We don’t usually see the light that is around us – we see the things illuminated by the sun or by lights in our homes but to see beams like this is not an everyday thing. But when we do see it…at least to me…wow.

A few days ago also I came to the passage in Acts 3 where Peter and John are going up to the temple and they stop and heal a beggar who had been lame since birth. It is a story that I preached on a few months ago and what spoke to me then is how many times Peter and John walked by that man other times they walked into the temple and didn’t see or hear him. What was it about this one moment that they felt they should stop, look him straight in the eyes, and then to extend healing to the man? Yet that time – the light shone clearly and brightly.

I have walked this path so many times in this park but until the other morning, I had never seen the light as I did that morning.


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