One of the things for me about photography is going through my days seeking to “notice.”  To see things that might otherwise go unseen.  Some of that might be my Observer enneagram type, but a lot of it is how I feel God has worked in me over the last several years to be much more aware of all that is around.  This morning, in my daily readings, I read the story in Mark 5:25-34 of the woman with the unhealed hemorrhage who was then healed after just touching the hem of Jesus’ cloak.  The way the story goes is that it is only after he feels “power go out of him” that he starts to look around.  Jesus is not content with just letting his power go, but instead he wants to not only notice the woman, but to fully restore her to the community.  “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your disease.”  I love this about the story – Jesus’ noticing of her is not only physical healing, but the beginning of emotional and spiritual healing for one who has been rejected and excluded for so long.  Love takes notice or Love Looks Around.

Back to photography…the other morning, I walked through our local middle school’s parking lot.  It had rained overnight and the streets and sidewalks were still wet.  I noticed one single thing of green among the reflected greys and blacks of the wet parking lot.  As I got closer I saw not only that it was a leaf with beautiful droplets but it looked like a heart – a picutre of love and life amongst the grey of the lot.  But I had to take notice, slow down, and take it in.


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  1. Ed-Thank you, thank you for this posting today, the great pic and the link to your previous post “Love Looks Around.” These are just what I needed to hear today in the midst of a increasingly busy and frenetic pace at the medical center and often the expectations that others may have of me or I perceive they have of me being available and able to take on more and more.

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