“Just” a Fire

Yesterday, we got a message from our daughter that parents do not want to get. All she said was that all the students in the high school were being evacuated to the middle school (which was conveniently out of school yesterday) because of an emergency but she didn’t know what had caused the emergency. Word eventually came out that there was a small fire in one of the science areas of the school and that it set off the sprinklers and emergency services were called and no one was hurt. But until we heard that news, we unfortunately went to worst-case scenarios. Was there a bomb threat called in, was there someone with a gun? It breaks my heart that my feeling when we got the official word was that it was “just a fire.” A sad statement on what we have seen all too often. Just a fire.

In the midst, I give thanks today for all the teachers and staff of our local schools who did a tremendous work in moving hundreds of students about 3/4 mile away in the pouring rain. They had a plan and they followed it to ensure the safety of all the students and the staff of the school. It is easy for those of us who were waiting to hear the news of what was happening or waiting for our kids to be released at the pickup and think of what should have been done differently. But what we saw was a school who had a plan, followed it, and ensured the safety of everyone involved. While I am grateful that it was “just a fire” I also am reminded today of the work that teachers and staff of our schools (locally and nationally) for our children – most of which we honestly do not see. They do so much, take so much time, use so many of their own resources to help children grow not just intellectually but socially and emotionally.

So my gratitude today is for these wonderful women and men who are making an impact in my children’s lives and in the lives of millions of others. And my prayer is for them and for their energy, enthusiasm, imagination, and love to continue to be there in their vital work. But I also pray for us to be able to return to a day when thoughts following a message such as I got from my daughter do not go to the places that mine went yesterday. May it be so.

Our high school this morning when my kids went by to get their belongings that they left yesterday.

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