Its Getting Itchy

My morning reading today reminded me of how difficult this thing called Love is. There’s lots of excuses that we each can make that can cause us to choose options other than love. In the reading from Luke 14:12-24, Jesus tells the parable of a banquet where lots of people are invited but most have excuses as to why they cannot attend. I realized the other day that I skipped the cards I committed to all weekend. Now I am not looking at this in some legalistic way like I am beating myself up for missing those but it was a reminder that it can be tough to double down on love. I could share all kinds of reasons that I didn’t write any of those cards this weekend, but that’s like those in the parable finding the excuses as to why they would not respond to the invitation.

It is like how my face is currently feeling. I am in the itchy stage right now. There is an ongoing annoyance of how my growing-in beard feels. I know that it will eventually go away but right now, the temptation is to just go and shave it all back off again. But that’s not the commitment for this month. (And besides, I want the beard back).

Just like what this love thing is – it is tempting to try to just revert to old patterns but we are called to push through those times and keep on loving, loving and loving some more

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