Advent Beauty 02 – Santa in a Coffee House

So I ran into Santa getting a cup of coffee today while spending some time with a friend in a local coffee house today. Santa gave me his card and told me to give him a call if I wanted to schedule him for a time at the church I serve or any other organization. It isn’t every day that one has an encounter like this!

Seriously though it was really fun talking to this guy. My friend and I saw him come in. About my height, about 50-75 pounds heavier, white hair, white beard, round glasses. I whispered to my friend that Santa had just walked in and then we heard him offer his Santa business card to the barista. So as he was getting some sugar in his coffee, I went over to talk to him. We talked for about 10 minutes as he shared about how he got involved doing this. When I shared that I was a pastor, he said that he views what he does as a ministry because of the joy that he is able to bring to people, especially kids. So, I wished him well and told him that we had all been good this year and we would leave him some good stuff outside the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Beauty today was in this man (Gabby was his name) who loves what he does and loves bringing joy to others. Beauty is in when we find those things that just “fit” what we are gifted to do.


And a few other beauties today

The coffee house where I encountered Santa

Paying only $1.03 for gas per gallon tonight!

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