Advent Beauty 06 – Stands Out

This morning I read the poem below in an Advent devotional I receive from Biola University. What I heard was the one voice of the savior crying out after a long period of silence. Just like this one bright leaf standing out amongst all the rest.

What We Heard on Christmas Day

with a line from Longfellow

by Julie L. Moore

Silence like early morning, like indigo

deepening at the bottom of the sea.

For hundreds of years.

No voice to say this is the way.

Or tomorrow, he comes. They raised

their questions, rose each morning, found

no answers. Unless you count

Wait. But after the hush

of prophecy, the long line of law,

exile centuries ago just a bitter aftertaste

in their empty mouths, sting

of dust on their ribs dulled, almost imperceptible,

a baby wailed. And if you listened close,

you knew your ears did not deceive you.

He had entered the ebony tomb

of Earth, loosening at last his long-held tongue,

the star a halo of song blaring overhead,

God is not dead, nor doth He sleep.

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